Sunday, October 23, 2011

Talking to the Youth

We are preparing a very important meeting for the Youth that will take place on the 29th of October, at 10am, at 25 Plein Street - Johannesburg.
Why is it so important?
Because one of the most affected by human trafficking are the youngsters. And what is the common tool? Social media.
WiA, in partnership with the Youth Group, has invited representatives of WMACA who will address the group in a very direct way.
Friends, we will not select words, we will not hide the truth - rather, we will show you how in danger you are.
If you are from 13 to 25 years, this meeting is for you; if you are simply passionate for social media, this meeting is for you.
Do not disregard this message, tomorrow may be too late. It is better to act than to react!

1 comment:

kkk-cristina said...

Mrs Marcia, we need to get informed about all that is happening around us!!!
I am sure this great meeting will open our eyes to the reality!