Sunday, November 27, 2011

World Aids Day - 1 Dec

Within the 16 Days of Activism, we honor the awareness brought worldwide on HIV/Aids matter.

The many who are struggling with the virus and the disease itself, the many who are orphans as a result of the pandemic, the many who are proving that HIV is not a death sentence, the many who work constantly to bring improvement to laws and conditions, the many who serve in social programs caring and bringing awareness

We pay tribute to you today!

Hence, there is one aspect of the subject that we cannot overlook at this moment – those who intently contaminate others.

To those we cannot pay tribute; rather we need to cry out for justice.

As part of our 16 Days of Activism, one of most severe forms of abuse to women (and why not mention men in this case) has been the imposed contamination of HIV by not practicing safe sex.

This comes in so many imposing ways deepening abuse:

. Unfaithful partners who do not want to test and impose unprotected sex to their partners;

. Husbands, for the merit of tradition or manhood, not accepting to protect the health of their wives and forcing them to unprotected sex;

. Sex partners who willingly transmit the virus as means of revenge to their own health condition;

. Those who have either the virus or the disease but do not want to disclose their status with family putting into risk other members;

. Sex workers being forced to practice unprotected sex for the sake of clientele appreciation.

. Pedophilia and raping abusers

It is our obligation to take a stand against such cases and make sure we offer to the victims all support needed to overcome the trauma.

This is one of the reasons why WiA members, who were properly trained as HIV Peer Educators, will be offering counseling to HIV patients and family members this coming 1st of December, from 4pm onwards.

Let us take a stand by bringing awareness, encouraging women not to subject themselves to such abuse and comforting those who are dealing with the virus.

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