Tuesday, January 3, 2012


As Wia we have been
·      .comforting those undergoing chemo treatments at JHB Gen Oncology Department with our Cancer Support Team,
·      .we have also embarked in the counselling of HIV/Aids affected and infected patients through our HIV Peer Educators,
·      .we have  held awareness campaigns on abuse against women and children extended to human trafficking  awareness
And we felt a great empathy to the many women and children who are still grieving from traumatic situations of abuse. We needed to do something; we need to sharpen our skills to help them better.
This is what our members from JHB and Cape Town did by enrolling to a  workshop for trauma counselling with the Rape Crisis Unit and as a result of this knowledge and techniques we will be officially launching our Save a Tamar Group in January 2012.
This group is meant to those who need support, comfort and tools to overcome traumatic experiences and maybe do not have the courage to look for advice with other organisations outside the church boundaries.
Be known that this group is open to non-members of the UCKG and we will handle private counselling and group sections.
For now, we will be hosting this beautiful work in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban but it will soon expand to the rest of the country.
You can send an email to woman2woman@uckg.org.za for personal counselling.
Watch this space for more information.
Marcia Pires


Nathallin said...

Dear Mrs Marcia
It is great to see that our WiA is growing...
God Bless this work!

Val Dewes said...

Dear Mrs. Marcia it is a great privilege to be part of a blessed group as WiA. God help us to help many women.