Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sentimental Life

It is meant to be the most joyous field of one’s life because it inspires completion, happiness, fulfilment, friendship, commitment, alliance among many other characteristics that human beings crave for .
However, it has been the very same reason of sadness and pain to many. Why that? Though love life in principle is nurtured by our soul, feelings and heart, if not guided by wisdom, reasoning and spirit, it ends up causing more harm than good.
Whenever there is too much of emotion and feelings, we obscure our thoughts and end up making the wrong choices.
I invite you to read this testimony and you will understand through a practical example the fine line that defines a successful relationship.

I've always heard stories of how the devil worked and destroyed the lives of many people through their sentimental lives. I never thought for a second it could happen to me. After all I thought that those stories only happened to bad people who were just unfortunate enough to be the victims of the devil.

I totally became oblivious to his schemes. I never paid enough attention to learn from the mistakes made through those stories. After all I was this innocent good girl who didn't deserve anything bad happening to her.

I fell into the same trap of emotions. I confused lust with love. Those warm and fuzzy feelings were so good that I didn't even know what the real deal was. My boyfriend became a priority and I forgot all about God being the first priority in a way. As God wasn't all that important to me anymore, but my boyfriend was. Like a child that forgets all about her old toys and draws all of her attention on the new one. I prayed less, read the bible less and focused on my boyfriend more.

It wasn't long until reality started to set in. Problems such as insecurities, jealousy, lack of trust, misunderstandings started surfacing. My new toy wasn't all so cool and exciting anymore. All those temporal feelings started disappearing as more problems started occurring.

I started feeling more empty and vacant inside; I no longer had the fulfillment as I was haunted by a guilty conscience.  My life just changed, I was too spiritually blind that I was on a road to hell.

I tried solving the many problems I had all by my self and I failed. It just was no longer nice to have my toy anymore. I ended up loosing it by throwing it away. I just couldn't take it anymore, the pain became all so unbearable. After all its wasn't what I had signed up for.

I realized how much I had lost. I missed the relationship I had with God and who I am in God. I started missing the old things that gave me joy and happiness. I knew I was wrong and I wanted to get back to the height I'd fallen from. I knew that I had to start afresh and that it wouldn't be easy

I went back to my first love, Jesus Christ who loved me first. He love is genuine, unconditional and true. He loved me for me and knows me better that I know myself. I recuperated and now I know that His value is more important above anything or anyone else. He is the lover of my soul and my true love. I need not to look elsewhere for my true love. He's nearer to me than I know, and He's with me all the time.

Its amazing how quick people can identify fake money easily, but they fail to identify the fake counterfeits from the devil. I've learned this lesson the hard way. Keep watch all the time and pay attention to the devils schemes. Don't be ignorant, wise people learn from the mistakes of others to avoid committing the same.

Member of UCKG Gauteng

If you do not fall in love with Jesus first, you will not be able to nurture a health relationship. Think about that!


ntombifikile said...

I've realised that satan has made us weak by breaking down our sentimental life.he knows that if I can get that part of her life she will be destroyed. But to my view that's not true cause when we make God our foundation nothing will break our heart. We should first love God and make him our partners. Then everything will go accordingly to his will.. God the foundation then a blessed sentimental life..

Fatima said...

we have seen alot of people who have fallen due to their sentimental life and just in the testimony she never felt that it could ever happen to her. We must watch always, notice the wrong feelings that may try to sneak up on us planted by the devil, he works with time bit by bit he will try and put circumstacnce but we must be quick to spot it and immediately reject it. Thank you.:)