Thursday, February 2, 2012

The year 2011 for women in action

Since its inception in 2009, Women in Action (WiA) has undertaken various projects to spread awareness and offer knowledge to people.
The group is made up of pastors’ wives, who not only devote their time but also make it their priority to become trained to make a difference in the lives of individuals in the community.
2011 has been a year packed with activity. Projects included: Save a Tamar, Human Trafficking, Cancer in Children and HIV/Aids awareness.
The year closed on a high note with WiA’s involvement in the 16 Days of Activism against Women and Children abuse and the HIV Aids Day March on 1st December. 
WiA members took to the streets handing out condoms and leaflets informing people about the importance of knowing their status and ensuring they protected themselves. 
Those who were peer educators (trained in HIV/Aids awareness) were on hand to counsel and advise those who took the trouble to come forward to seek advice. 
On that day 102 individuals received counselling and learned their status.
 No matter what the outcome was, they left knowing that there was someone available to whom they could always reach out for guidance.
WiA also conducted an outreach project at the Pretoria Women’s Correctional Facility on 29th November.
They were warmly welcomed and given the opportunity to entertain the prisoners.
WiA saw this great opportunity and collected necessary toiletries which were beautifully packaged in gift bags to be handed out to each prisoner.
They also prepared tasty snacks. The highlight of their visit was entertainment provided by the WiA Choir who sang and danced in a memorable performance.
Some of the prisoners even commented that they’ve never experienced anything like that before. 
They enjoyed it so much that they asked WiA to come back again.
WiA doesn’t see closed doors, only opportunities at every turn.
The members are like a merchant ship from afar, bringing in goods in the form of knowledge and awareness.
 If having to dance a few steps will make a difference and get their message across, well, you guessed it, they’ll dance.
So be sure to be on the look out in 2012 for the ladies in their bright pink t-shirts extending a helping hand wherever it’s needed to show that, yes, change is possible and differences can indeed be made because in UNITY THERE IS STRENGTH!!!

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