Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beautiful in every single way!

Glamorous women - Soweto 

As you know, they are pastors’ wives just trying to give a little bit of themselves to make a contribution to the communities where their husbands are working.
They are called upon for many tasks and more often than not their hands are busily at work showing their talents. You might see them on Sundays as a reflection of the beauty of the women of God.
These same glamorous women are willing to make a difference in the Church. 
They are hard workers ensuring their household and church are being provided for.
And they go beyond this to serve the needy with a smile, a word of encouragement,  a hug and sometimes simply by holding the hands of cancer patients in distress.
In December after finishing their hospital visits for the year, they still did not rest.
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When one comes to know God and has accepted Him as Lord and Saviour, one immediately becomes part of His family.
Even when trials and difficulties come, there is no need for worry or fear because the One in whom one believes is much greater than the problem.
Women in Action (WiA) have become like family to those in the community, not only taking the time to empower or bring awareness to individuals but also by listening to what’s on their minds and offering counsel.
We all know what being alone during the holidays can do to a person, and it’s even worse when that person is sick.
WiA decided to do something special and extraordinary for the cancer patients they had visited during the year.
In the last two weeks of December 2011, some cancer volunteers took time from their personal duties to telephone all the patients they had visited during the year.  What a priceless time it was!
This is what the volunteers had to say after making the calls:
Taking part in the callbacks to the cancer patients was a good thing to do. It showed we remembered them, especially at this time of the year.
Even though some of them were not feeling ok, but deep down in their hearts they felt special because we called them.
Some of them are positive that they will be fine. I really enjoyed myself.  It was such a blessing to the people even I felt revived.
Hearing them say how much they appreciate these calls and how strong they felt after the call was good. One even said that by calling them, we are giving them hope again.
He even mentioned that sometimes they don’t need many words, just knowing that someone cares is enough to keep them going.
With staff members Oncology Ward
It was heartbreaking hearing of how some are discriminated against at their work place, being called names or ill treated by the health professionals. Some were too weak to speak, making it hard to hear what they were saying, but they kept on the line nevertheless. 
I was reminded about the suffering our people experience daily. The joy those calls gave to them was priceless! They were truly grateful even those who had lost a family member.
We always aim to make a difference, that’s why we are called – Women in Action.


Baithuti said...

The work that WIA is clearly making a difference in people's lives. May God continue to strengthen WIA in 2012 & beyond.

Fatima said...

Giving what we have received and know will benefit others is one of the best feelings and this is what WIA (women in action) are doing its great to know that we can show other women to be in action we can do more for the community not only for our households but can be tools in helping others.