Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh, oh, wrong choice!

Recently I had to choose my dress for Godlywood Night and selected a pretty one. I was so sure of my choice, you know that feminine instinct – this is the one, I told myself.
However, when the time for the first fitting came, I realised that I needed to make some changes because it did not quite suit me after all.
It seems a trivial case, and it is, but how many times do we make important choices based on this same “feminine instinct” believing we are right? Later on we find out that it wasn’t quite the right fit for us.
I can name a few important choices where we should not take risks : a career, a business move, an investment, etc, but there is one in particular that we should not allow instinct, first impressions or excitement to influence us and that is a partner for life.
If you enrol for a course and you don’t like it, you just quit; if you get a new job and it is not what you really want, you look for another one; if you invest some money and receive no profits, you work and recover the money.
But when you start a relationship and engage in marriage with the wrong person, you affect all other aspects of your life and often put your relationship with God at risk.
Remember, you made the choice but then you think “why did God allow it to happen?”
How can you avoid this trap? Do not trust yourself solely in this choice. Make a partnership with the Spirit of Love who will guide you in the process.
Once you have the Spirit of Love within you, your eyes will identify the one who is just right for you. Probably you have seen him or her many times but did not notice the person.
This was because your physical eyes were looking for this partner or maybe your emotional side imagined the kind of man or woman you thought would be right for you, according to the desires of your heart.
If you don’t have anyone in mind, or if you have but you are not sure of your choice, invite the Spirit of Love to be your coach in this and you won’t go wrong.


mpho said...

Thank You Mrs Marcia,Indeed many times when we make choices in life, based on what we feel in that moment, or what our instant tells us, in that moment we jump to the wrong choice, but when we confirm first with God there is no way we can go wrong. God knows what is best for us, is just the metter of involving Him fully in our lives, to be in partnership with Him, so that dissapointment maybe avoided.

Nonhlanhla Xanase said...

Thank you Mrs. Marcia for the message. It is true that as women we like to make changes always. Starting from the diet we’ll want to engage into, type of dress we would like to wear for an event, house decor, and hairstlyes to name but the few. What I’ve learned when I was still single was that I could not trust my heart in making a decision for a lifetime partner as I know that it is so deceitful. I had to fully depend on God's guidance and partnering with Him in making that decision. I thank God for giving me the patience to trust Him as the pressure could have pushed me into the wrong fate.

reneilwe said...

Thank you Mrs Marcia for this post. I can realy relate to this as at some point in my life I took a decision without guidance as a result I cried bitter and deeply regreted. But through that mistake I learned not to make hasty choices based on emotional. This message is a confirmaion that I made a good decision.



Thank you Mrs Marcia for this information though it came to me now, 12years ago I made a wrong choice that it's still affecting my life even today. I have no doubt that God forgave me but even today I still get people that judge me based on my past. It hurt so deeply at times that your past disqualifies you from many things.

My desire now in life is to advise many young ladies that they may not work the same path I took. One thing that I am glad got today its my salvation because I can not change my past but will surely have a blessed end in Jesus.

cphosethu said...

Thank you Mrs Marcia for the post.

There are choices that we make which can be fixed and changed any time we see the need to like in our finances, clothes etc, as you mentioned, but there are some that we need to be wise and spiritual to make them because if we make the wrong choice, we will be messing up everything else. I will also make use of this message and run to the Spirit of love when having yo make this choice