Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Be blameless

The world today seeks precision and perfection.  This is the reason mankind embraces all kinds of technology.
Every new device gives greater accuracy to scientific facts and tests, expands knowledge, develops the human race and this is fascinating.
We are in the era of surrogate mothers, of cloning genes, of laboratory fertilisation and it all requires precision and accuracy.
Mankind craves perfection.
This morning, during our service, this verse took on new meaning for me: “Abraham, walk in my presence and be blameless”   How can we be blameless today?  We are not technological devices – we are human beings driven mostly by feelings and hormones.
And it was then that I understood that perfection according to God’s pattern is not the same as the worldly one. To be blameless, according to God’s standards, is to walk in His ways, to accept His lead and to give heed to His voice for each one of us individually.
This is why sometimes the word ‘perfection’ is not comprehended well because what is perfect to me may not mean the same to you, let alone give one full comprehension of God’s ideas.
Would you say Abraham acted out of perfection by sending Ishmael away from his house? The boy did not ask to be born and now he had to fend for himself in the desert.
But before God, Abraham made himself blameless because he just obeyed and managed to put aside his own ideas and pain.
To walk in God’s presence means to walk in obedience, as Abraham did, and many times we have to sacrifice our own will and way to obey God.
When we do it, we are blameless, at least before God. This is my goal: to be perfect in God’s ways.

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Divya said...

Reading this is a blessing for me today. One can conclude that we should not think we are not capable because of ou past mistakes. We should not look back, but surrender to God and obey Him. He perfects us through His mercy. God asked Abraham to make extremelly dificult decisions. Many times, we think that we are obeying God, when in reality we are hiding from the actions He requests from us.