Saturday, August 4, 2012

Godllywood’s take part in Mandela Day Activities

According to the Nelson Mandela Foundation[1], Mandela Day is a day to celebrating Mr. Mandela’s birthday through a dedication to his life’s work and that of his charitable organizations, ensuring that his legacy lives forever. “The overarching objective of Mandela Day is to inspire individuals to take action to help change the world for the better, and in doing so build a global movement for good. Ultimately it seeks to empower communities everywhere. “Take Action; Inspire Change; Make Every Day a Mandela Day.”” (

Godllywood groups in South Africa have been part of this global movement since the beginning of 2012, dedicating time and goods to different social work projects including visiting Homes for the Aged, for Young Women, and for Disabled Children on a monthly basis.

For Mandela Day, Godllywood's Sisterhood and V-Woman groups visited Soweto Home for the Aged in White City, Jabavu on Saturday July 21. This year's theme for Mandela day was “It's in your hands” and Sisterhood and V-Woman took the initiative to do something with their hands and make the day memorable for the elderly. They prepared an African themed breakfast and sang African songs which were appreciated by the elderly aged sixty years and upwards.
Another V-Woman group visited the Queen Alexander Home for the Aged and donated for the home cleaning material and foodstuff.

A group of Sisterhood pledges and Deborah’s visited the Ezibeleni School for Disabled Children in Thokoza. The group had a winter theme birthday celebration with the kids and had 2 special ‘dolls’ to entertain the children. The children received a party pack and a gift from the group, the gift consisted of a beanie and scarf.

Godllywood in Pretoria made their contribution towards Mandela day by visiting the Tshwane Home of Hope - a home housing teenage girls. The girls are placed in the Home due to various difficult circumstances in their families; and the aim of the visit is to provide friendship and an outlet for the girls to receive assistance in terms of prayers and life-coaching that they would normally receive from parents and siblings. For Mandela day, the Godllywood group shared some fun activities with the girls; singing and playing fun games; which allowing for interaction with the girls on a casual & personal level. The Group had also prepared some hygiene hampers for each of the 16 girls. The day ended with a wonderful message from Nancy, one of the residents of the Home, thanking the group for the monthly visits and for making a positive difference in their lives.

The pledges from Tembisa, visited the Tumelo Home for children.
The Godllywood groups will continue to touch lives in communities because as we serve others, we are serving our Lord Jesus Christ.

1) Tshwane Home of Hope - a home housing teenage girls (Pre- toria), 2) Tumelo Home an orphanage for disable children in Ivory Park settlement, Midrand , 3) Queen Alexandra Home, Orange Groove 4) Ezibeleni School for Disabled Children in Thokoza and 5) Soweto Home for the Aged (Soweto) 



Dbrainzs said...

Hi greetings to you from UCKG here in Trinidad and Tobago i am so happy to see what you are doing in your country for those children, i prayer to the god in heaven that we both serve that one i to can do the same here in my country to help the much needed problem i see daily i also prayer that you continue pressing on to greater things.Bye

Dbrainzs said...

GOD MERCY ENDURES FOREVER. PSALMS 106 Verse 1 PRAISE ye the lord. O give thanks unto the lord; for he is good for his mercy endureth forever.