Saturday, July 28, 2012

Esau and your Love Life

There are many lessons we can take out of Esau’s story, particularly the strength that led him to trust himself more than God.
We encourage people to be self-confident, to be daring, to seek their own strengths but all under their dependence on God.   When a person becomes so self- confident that he believes he can do everything on his own, that he is good enough alone, then Esau’s fate is doomed to befall him.
There is one particular aspect of Esau we’ll look at -- his love life.  God was making of Abraham a new nation, His nation, therefore there was a tradition of marrying those who would have the same principles and values about the Lord.
Abraham worried so much to the point that he commissioned his faithful servant to choose a lady from his household for his heir, Isaac.  In turn Isaac also passed on the same principles to his twin sons.
Esau however did not give ear to his father’s guidance and chose three women from idolatrous nations – the Hitrites, the Hivites and Ishamael’s daughter  -- to give birth to his heirs.
He probably believed that being the provider and strong, his genes and personality would be passed on to his descendants and his wives would not be able to divert or influence his heirs in any way.
What a mistake! And this is the mistake many are making inside the church. They think that their strong beliefs will be enough to allow them to mingle with unbelievers and they will be able to bring their partner to Jesus, not realising that the opposite will happen.
Esau fathered the Edomites, people who had animosity towards the Israelites. King Herod was an Edomite.
What kind of descendants are you planning to father?  Your response will be in line with the kind of partner you want to marry.


chalotte said...

Very strong and an eye opener message and i believe that when one begins to be desperate and lacking God's trust will do exactly what Esau did and we must be careful and listen to God's guidance for us not to fall into the traps of the devil.

Thank you Mrs Marcia

lindiwe said...

Dear Mrs Marcia

What caught my attention is that If I decide to be like Esau and marry someone who is not on the same faith as me what will it happened to me?I know I have spoken this words before that You can change the person but it does not happen that way Then I ended up lossing the most and precious gift that God has given to me which is my salvation,So I must be very careful not to end up being like Esau i must make right choices

Lindiwe Khanyile
Park Station