Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My 365 quotes shared during 2013

Save a Tamar Mobile, in Mohlakeng, beginning of October 2012

You are unique - wanna know why?
ALERT TO YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH: One of the quotes that I most relate to is "You were born original, therefore don't die a copy" . A woman of God has to have her own inspiration, that is a result of her relationship with her Lord, and out of this communion she is able to inspire others; if one needs to copycat what someone else is saying, she is starving spiritually and therefore those who are looking up to her will not be nourished as well. Don't be deceived, friends, look always for the original, do not accept to die as a copy. The photos in this comment were taken in Mohlakeng, last October, when God had given us a beautiful inspiration of being unique. I am unique - are you? - or are you following copies? Looking forward to 2013

Marcia Pires
Founder of WiA

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