Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Reviews of the Symposium

We have received many reviews on the Symposium and I would like to highlight a few so that you can understand how important this Symposium was to many women :

 It was an honour to attend The First Symposium for the V Women. The presentation was very informative and empowering . It is true that us women talk and we have the power to influence and also be influenced and in that we need to choose what to take in - only good influences. I also learned that we mustn't allow our past mistakes, cultural norms and society norms influence us because that will lead to unhappy marriages and lives. I also learned that God will always give us a second chance - most women who've been abused or feel that their lives are over often tell themselves that there's nothing else for them, that they'll never get married or that they'll never have happy lives - through the Symposium for women I've learned that there's always a turning point and through the testimonies of all the beautiful presenters of the day I learned that God can take a girl who saw herself as a dissappointment and turn her into a wonderful mother & wife, sisters who thought that their lives meant nothing to making them Pastor's wives who mean everything to God, a young lady who used to bully her brother and never imagined that she could be a wife to a beautiful wife who's been married for 20years, and a young lady who was brought up by her grandmother because her parents weren't together anymore to a beautiful woman of God who's a mother to many and an inspiration to many young ladies. i cant wait for the next Symposium for women. Thank you Mrs Marcia. Babablwa Mana(PE)

 I just received this beautiful testimony from Andiswa Andy Mahobe and I would like to share it with you! Thank you Mrs
Marcia for allowing me to share my expirience. Firstly "wow" what a wonderful symposium. I was so blessed. I became to understand that i am special and valuable to God. The testimonies shared gave me a way out tøo. I also did invited my mother. She just can't close her mouth. She was so blessed tøo. Just to explain about the environment it was like, i was on this talk show on National T.v. I enjoyed everything bout it. Thank you again. Really change is good. For i now know that whether many things went bad in my past that doesn't mean. I will have a bad future because with Christ everything made new. (CPT)

The event was really a blessing. Most of the time when we go through something, we think we are the only ones, but those testimonies made me realise that even out of a bad situation a great woman can arise. The only trick to discovering this great woman is to realise the value of women. The lesson was so great that I realised that I do not have to be ashamed of being great in heels. A woman can do whatever she wants to do and can become whatever she wants to be in heels. We don't have to trade our heels for muscles just because we want to get somewhere.
Thank you very much for the great revelation you shared with us. (JHB)

After yesterday I will never allow anyone to put me down because now I know who I am. (MEADOWLANDS MAIN CHURCH) Rose Thibela

I couldn't be more greatful for the meeting. Really God loves me; now I'm sure of that and I am not like any other woman I am unique thank U God for those words. My eyes have been opened. Princes Ntsoni (CPT)

 The symposium was a real blessing and a wonderful remainder that God loves us and created us with a purpose, although we were the last to be created but we are the most important of the creation. After hearing these words I determined in my heart that I will never doubt myself ever, but I should always be aware of what influences me Kate Khoza (Ekhuhuleni)

It was a great eye opener Mrs Marcia, it made me analyse my life and look at where I have been drawing influence from and also how have I been serving God by the influences I might have had on others as well. And it also made me realise that God valued me before I even accepted Him and now that He is my source of life that adds even more value to me as a woman and as His beloved daughter. Somikazi Tyialiti (CPT)

I watched it live in PE.My God,what a blessing it was for me.On the way back to Grahamstown,we couldn't stop talking about it.I've adopted the 'line' that from 10 minutes ago,that is already the past,shared by Mrs Marcia.I was blessed by all the presenters testimonies,I related a lot to Mrs Marcia Paulo and Mrs Pinky's testimony.I was a combination of both and the Holy Spirit reassured me of his love and that I'm beautiful*rolling eyes*It was like I was there on the alter where the presenters were seated as they talked.I felt engaged,like I've been with you physically.It was more that what I emagined.I better stop here or I'll go on the whole morning.Thank you my beautiful mothers of faith.You are beautil! Alkpma Same (PE)

We thank you for your unconditional support and for taking the time to be blessed with us.
Marcia Pires


hosana said...

Thanks Mrs Marcia for sharing with us the testimonies! Indeed the symposium was a such blessed, and we were able to learn so many things!!! Looking forward to the next symposium :)

Marcia Paulo said...

The Symposium was a blessing! I have received many messages from women who were there saying that after the symposium, they are no longer the same. I am glad for having the opportunity to be part of this great event.

Rosemary Gomes said...

I realy enjoied the symposium I learned how importat I'm for God I'm unique and I have the power of Influence not only people around me but I have to see the influence I'm getting from others too, thank you very much hoping for more to come ...

Flavia Cerqueira said...

Impact!! that is the word that came in my mind. I believe many women had an impact in their lives from what was discuss on the Symposium.
I would like to congratulate and thanks all our presenters, you were amazing.


Mpho Mzimba said...

Thank you very much for sharing inspirational testimonies of Symposium meeting, it did really a huge impact in our lives and others. I believe many women gain direction and made good decisions in their lives based on what we learned on sunday.

Antonette Sibisi said...

Thank you Mrs. Marcia for sharing with us the testimony about the Symposium meeting. I believe many more great testimonies are coming, the meeting was a life changing for us who attended the meeting. and I believe this perfume of life will reach more other women around.


Heather said...

The first Symposium was not only a beautiful event phhysically speaking however spiritually and mentally aswell. I strongly believe that every woman that attended it had a seed planted within her self or better yet a seed watered within her to flourish if it was beginin to wither because of low self-esteem or any other negativity that might have been initiated. Heather Nkabinde, Dbn, Cathedrial

Silindile said...

just by reading the reviews and the messages that was shared by the Big Sisters I believe it was more than a blessing

many women have a different perspective about life

thanks for sharing