Monday, March 25, 2013

What has happened in the Symposium?


The purpose of the first Symposium for Women, held simultaneously in South Africa and Brazil on Sunday 24 March 2013, was to inspire women to see themselves as precious, beautiful, important and valuable and to encourage them to leave their destructive and damaging history in the past and change their present and future through a new mindset which believes in, appreciates and loves themselves.

Speaking to 2 500 women at the Cenacle of Faith in Johannesburg and 2 500 others through live-streaming in Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Rustenburg, guest presenters said women need to think differently about themselves, realise their value and the important role they play in families and society, give wings to their dreams and write a new chapter in their lives.

Organised by Women in Action and Godllywood, guest speakers shared their life experiences and how they overcame negative influences, learned how to value themselves, live fulfilled lives and achieve their potential.

Marcia Paulo, columnist, trauma counsellor and head of Godllywood in the Western Cape, said that Eve was the culmination of God’s creation. She was created from Adam’s hip to live side by side with him and be his helper and companion. As we know, she was influenced by satan and subsequently influenced Adam. Women still have the power to influence men for good or bad and need to choose whether they wish to be wise or evil women.
When women understand what is influencing them, whether it is peer pressure, unrealistic media perceptions or cultural and societal norms, they can make wise choices and ensure that the correct positive influences shape their lives so that they can influence others for good.
Pinky Dada, cancer and trauma counselor and head of Godllywood in the Eastern Cape spoke about submission explaining that women are not meant to be inferior or enslaved, but in order for communities to be ordered and in harmony, someone needs to be in a position of authority. Men in authority should not abuse this position by becoming controllers or dictators.
Women have been created to be gentle, loving and caring but as they compete in the workplace, there is a tendency to become competitive. Marcia Pires, head of Godllywood in South Africa and founder of Women in Action, said women do not need to be like men. They can do everything men can achieve and do it in high heels not loosing grace that is proper to women!
Sharing her testimony she said: “Many of us have suffered rejection which makes us feel worthless. We need to accept that we are precious and valued by God. Women have great inner strength and the ability to share and resolve problems through communication. They play important roles in supporting husbands and raising children. In the workplace they play increasingly valuable roles, but this often causes stress as they have to balance many demands and commitments. We should never lose sight of our value and our purpose. With this Godly perspective, we can overcome past hurts, build our own self-esteem and reflect our value to those around us.”
Cirlene Correira, head of Godllywood in KwaZulu Natal shared how her childhood had been challenging, but when she met Jesus and saw her value, she learned to believe in herself, change her mindset and the course of her future.
Pre Sisterhood - women of God to be
Encouraging women to care for themselves, speakers said other people see what we reflect. If we love and respect ourselves, that is what others see. Women were given beautifully hand crafted bookmarks to mark the day when they chose to change their present and their future. Closing the symposium, Marcia Pires said: “Now is your time to dream again. Set yourself free from the past and write a new chapter in your lives.”
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janalellis said...

The Symposium was great , I have learned a lot. No matter what happening I know I am unique to God, and He Value me. Thank for the wise words.

Kelly Santos said...

The symposium was a blessing and one of the points that i want to comment is the importance of not allow ourselves to be influenced by anyone.
I am the one responsible for my on choices and decisions .

hosana said...

The Symposium was really great, and made an impact in our lives! We were able to learn so much and I thank my Jesus for this opportunity. What most called my attention was about the power we woman all have to influence others, so lets use this power to be a good influence for those who are surrounding us!


Amanda N. said...

The Symposium was a great opportunity that we had the learn more and also to be blessed ,I thanks God for this unforgettable moment that we had last sunday!!

Antonette Sibisi said...

I have to agree with all your comments
The Symposium meeting was indeed a blessing
Many of us left the meeting with different and positive mentality about ourselves as woman, knowing the power of influence inside of us and how much we valuable to God and unique individuals. We no longer be the same, as we look and value ourselves as God Value us, new chapter has began for greater life.


Ariane Menezes said...

The symposium marked this date 24/03/2013
In Durban the symposium was a success, anxiety took hold of women who awaited it to start. Around 14:30 pm they begin to sing in the church, only a chorus of female voices They seem to ask the beginning of the symposium. The expectations are great, they look like they came for something that they have being wainting a long time ago. They Seem to know that after this day they would never be the same, and that is a good thing.
To give you an idea, the first time the internet stopped all say in chorus haaaaaaaaaaaaa!! rsrrssrs.
After each testimony applauses they seem celebrate their own achievements. I particularly felt very proud to be a woman. They all seem very strong. Mrs Marcia says to us "you are beautiful" and they all scream and agree rssrsrsrs. what a wonderful day.
Bring on the 2 3 4 ......

Yonelisa Jwambi said...

The symposium was such a blessing to all of us as women,it was very informative,I had leaned that no matter what had happened in the past but there is always a turning point,I chance to to start a fresh,one of the important things that was mentioned was the power of influence,that we have to choose in what way that we want to be influence weather it is in a positive or in a negative way.we have the power to be influenced in a positive way.As women we should know that we are beautiful.Thank you to all the presenters that shared there testimonies with us looking forward to the next Symposium.

Maryrose Sehlu Siziba said...

The symposium was a blessing to my daughter in law & I. My daughter in law lost both of her parents so she missed the love of a mother. but now she takes me as her mother and thanked me for inviting her and says it the meeting was a blessing to her. The testimonies shared during the meeting made her realize losing her parents wasn't the end of the world. our love for each other grows daily.