Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Hidden Secret

Dear readers,

If you missed the opportunity to be with us for this special meeting held on the 21st of July, in Park Station, with Cris Cardoso, you can now find the secret out by watching the recording of the meeting.
We have received many accounts of women blessed and you can be one more. We will gladly accept your comments and experiences - share with us here.


Marcia Pires

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ms guni,england said...

This year has marked a new chapter in my life as a woman of God. I have been in the church for a while but was not HOT I had just become religious and was cold and my was about to be vomited.

This events have NEW beginning in my spiritual life, many of my friends who were once in the faith have fallen and never had this opportunity to experience the JOY, the REVIVAL OF MY SOUL.

To many these are just "events" to me these ARE THE BEGINNING EVENTS. I am truly BORN AGAIN and have found my path and on my way to GREATER things.

The holy spirit has called me to SERVE in his KINGDOM. I am truly HONOURED to be part of this family of God.

Thank you.