Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pledge Night 2013

The chore of tonight's message was to be aware of the attraction to the things of the world and how many times we are tempted to compare and desire the life of the daughters of the land, as Dinah did (Genesis 34:1).
We also spoke about becoming a beautiful woman of God in comparison to the stages of life of a butterfly.
The fact, my friend, is that a butterfly was always meant to be beautiful even though she started as an egg and then a caterpillar.
We have always been meant to be beautiful women of God, even if in the past we have been caterpillars.
Do not ever try to reverse nature's course - you are a beautiful woman of God.
Do not ever allow this beauty to be exchanged for the illusions of the world.
Do not ever go back to a caterpillar.

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Congratulations to the winners of 2013 and a huge welcome to our new 96 members of Godllywood in Gauteng.

Well done to our new 04 Sisters - Nokulunga - Denise - Nothando and Val and to our new BS Ana Lucia.

An evening to remember.
Marcia Pires


cphosethu said...

I also congratulate the winners and the new pledges Mrs Marcia

6 months was not so easy for them ,but at the end, they made it through. I also extracted something for myself from the lifre of a butterfly. Even though we have lived as caterpillars before, but now is the time for us to show the beauty of a butterfly within us and live as butterflies of God

Mampho M said...

Dear Mrs Marcia.

Indeed it was a night to remember, the spirit of the night was very strong..
A butterfly never loses its beauty and we"ll never lose our beauty as long as we remain in Christ..

God bless you a lot.