Saturday, August 31, 2013

Spring in your life

This year has been a bit atypical because we have had beautiful temperatures throughout the winter months and sun graciously shining upon us.
Now, that we are coming to September, we have been experiencing lower temperatures and a very windy weather.
But you know what? The transition from one season to the other has again marked my life spiritually. Its revelation does not stop amazing me.
It was very captivating to observe the changes in nature and follow closely to each stage of it until now. The leaves on trees turned dry and fell off; the lawns looked more like carpets of straw so dried out by the early frost; flower pots were withered that I wondered if they would ever flourish again; birds were eating dried sticks and branches; poor bees.. no flowers to gaze upon.
Then 1st of September inaugurates our calendars bringing springs announcements but still nature is telling me otherwise.
All of a sudden, more like overnight, I rejoice to see flower buds sprouting, band new lime green leaves filling up our trees and it has been an adventure since then to walk around and contemplate how gardens are turning into a detailed display of God's amazing power and good taste.
You might be very familiar to all this but for a first observer, it brought me a great insight of our spiritual life.
Once we had been as dried up and dead as any of those tress around. People looked at us and barely expected to find any joy at all. Life had gone from us and we had no perspective of future. The wind of problems, hail of desperation, snow of frustration and the storm of deceptions had taken control over us.
Take some time to remember how you felt then or how you are like right now?
And suddenly some of us had our spring season when we first met our Lord Jesus. He brought rays of hope, soft breeze of love, dew of joy and a warming feeling of peace.
You cannot pin-point how it happened, like we cannot see the flowers flourishing, but you know for sure that your life has changed. You now reflect bright colours in your face.
You do not need to endure this spiritual winter every year, feeling dried up and dead inside of you, if you just cultivate your encounter with Jesus.
Your communion with Him will seem like a permanent season of spring, showing not only how you are beautiful inwardly. You will be able to fill other people's eyes with your beauty and make them wish to be just like you.
Then, refer them to your Gardener and let them flourish as you do.
Marcia Pires


Amanda said...

this is true mrs Marcia mAY God bless this work more and more God bless for this garden comes full of lives changes welcome springs.

Yoyo said...

Strong and powerful message, thank you for sharing Donna Marcia.

Boitumelo - S.Africa said...

Thank you for the strong message Mrs. Marcia. What a perfect illustration of God (gardener) changing seasons in us. I will cultivate my relationhsip with him because i do not want to go back to those dry winters...

Antonette Sibisi said...

Dear Mrs. Marcia
Very strong message.
I will keep cultivating my relation with God so a can be a blessing on every season, and glorify my God the gardener

Thank you for sharing with us

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Marcia

One day on my way to work I looked at the trees and saw all of them had new green leaves and I remembered that few weeks back it was dry and dull. I thought to my self that every problem, trial and tribulations that I face has its season and it shall too pass.

Thank you so much for sharing the message. God bless you.