Monday, September 9, 2013

Letters of Rahab

It was a challenge posted on to me start writing weekly blogs addressing women who have or are under abuse. We have actually started more than a year ago, in Portuguese.
Cris Cardoso, a dear friend of mine, was the one to challenge me into this one - I guess if I would not have had a push.... I would surely shift the job to someone else.
From it, and from all experiences with our project Save a Tamar, in South Africa, I started encouraging women to seek for help, to speak, to look for counselling and healing from past abuse but also to stand against current and recurrent abuse.
As a result, I had the honour to be a guest speaker in one of Cris Cardoso's meeting in Brazil, named The Roots Event when I shared my testimony showing that there is life after abuse.
It is with great pleasure now that I am able to announce that the original blog posts in Portuguese are being translated by Sandra Gouvea, from our church in the UK, and are available every week Saturday in Cris website.
If you would like to follow, pay a visit to and follow every new article.
In need of counselling or guidance? We have an email address set aside only for this purpose - feel free to write in English.
I am sure we are making every field available so that we can empower you to overcome a past that does not need to hurt your present or your future.
Count on us!

Marcia Pires/Raabe


Fikiswa Ngqabishe said...

Dear Mrs Marcia

I would like to share something that I saw during the time we were watching your testimony of Roots event, something that encouraged and motivated me more and more.

The main thing that I saw is what I call "The rise of Rahab" in South Africa I would say "The rise of Tamar" I saw Rahab if I may say, rising and rising and rising, spreading her wings and saving others. This remained in my mind to this day, it encouraged me so much.

Thank you so much for your courage


Sandra GouvĂȘa said...

Mrs Marcia Pires, it's a privilege! I am blessed with these articles and I am sure many women around the world are blessed too.

It's a pleasure to help.

With love,

Sandra Gouvea/UK