Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fast of Daniel - Day Three

Why the Fast of the Holy Spirit benefits those who are inside the churches and in principle have already given their life to Jesus? Being one with God should be the ground rule for every Christian!
The truth is that we have those who are lost inside the church, not knowing they are far from God. So the Fast comes and revives their faith, their communion with the Father.
In Judges 16:20 we see an illustration of the spiritual condition of many around us. It reads “So he awoke from his sleep and said, “I will go out as before, at other times, and shake myself free!” But he did not know that the Lord had departed from him”
The person is immerged in the sleep of death – applying his efforts to conquer this and that, coming to church every Wed or Sun but only to fulfil a schedule, one day giving in for the attractions of the world and the other day trying to embrace and live in faith, mixing with unbelievers and living just like than but under the title of being a Christian.
When a trap of the devil is posed, a problem hits his life, then he realises that he is empty of God’s anointing and spirit to overcome that situation. Just as Sanson, he thinks he will make it through but he does not realise that because of his behaviours and choices God had departed from him.
While there is life, there is hope, my friend so embark in these 21 Days Fast of the Holy Spirit , return to Him, decide to live a separated life, commit yourself to Him wholeheartedly.
Day Three – look deep inside – which are the actions you take that are sure to keep the Holy Spirit far from you? Quit them today
May you never be found among those God had departed from.



Amen to that mama Marcia and I thank God for this great opportunity of 21 days of returning to Him, I know that I have so many needs but for these 21 days my main need is His presence in me.
To be revived.

Yoyo said...

Yes, we habve to take a decision today, it might be our last chance, we cannot let this opportunity pass by, we have to make the most of it, God is calling us to return to Him.
Thank you for sharing Dona Marcia