Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fast of Daniel - Day Two

Yesterday I was reading Ephesians 6 and how many times we read about the Armour of God but I got a different insight of one particular verse: 14 "have girded your waist with the truth" - when we read the first thought is: I have always to speak the truth and it is off course one of our understandings but yesterday I came also to understand that it is not only towards our words.
Look at the meaning of the word: To gird is to prepare for a military attack, but more loosely it refers to readying oneself for any kind of confrontation. When you gird for something, you are preparing for the worst-case scenario. Gird can also mean "fasten something tightly with a belt or a band" (as in "gird your loins"), or it can mean "to surround or encircle." A field that is girded by trees is surrounded and encircled by trees.
So, it refers that we are willing to see the truth and uphold the truth in all areas of our life.
You might be saying - oh, yes off course so where is the news. Now I question: how many times we prefer to see into situations in the way we absorb that perception but we are not willing to see the matter through the eyes of the truth?
How many times we have been through small situations with our husband, friends, family members that we did not seek for the truth but we lived days in agony or in anger because of the way we perceived that situation?
"She does not like me, she does not speak to me, I am feeling so insecure, I am feeling so lonely, so left out"
Whenever we allow our emotions to take the lead in a particular event, we might not be girding ourselves with the truth because we are preferring to feed the way we feel rather than the reason behind it.
Day two - in order for us to be spiritually perfect we need to decide to gird ourselves with the truth, even if it is painful, but while we don't see the truth we will not get the way out in that situation.
God bless you!

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