Thursday, October 3, 2013


Today I would like to share a message that was posted by Bishop Macedo. The reason why I chose this message it is because it shows exactly one of the hazards to our faith: wrong friendships and relationships.
Believe me, this is affecting your spiritual life more than what you can imagine and when reality is confronting your emotions, it has been very hard for many to do the right choice.
Therefore they live out of the consequences of their wrong options and still try to base their criteria on Biblical ethnics that will only justify themselves in their own eye.
This message of Bp Macedo explains with property the influence and partnership with those who do not share the same faith and it confronts the argument that all you are doing is for the sake of someone's soul.
It is a hard message to digest if you are going through this path, but, my friend give ears to what the Holy Spirit is telling you today.

Day 11 - It will never be easy to make the right choice but the reward is eternity. If you are going through a situation of this nature and need our counselling and prayer, send us a message.

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Monicah Chauke said...

Thank you Mrs Marcia
It is very important that when we decide we think about the destination of our souls, in this way we will be able to take wise decisions that will not compromise our salvation .