Friday, October 4, 2013


We are very close of completing our second week Fast. How is it being for you? Did you have your encounter with God? Were you baptized in the Holy Spirit?
I know for some, by reading my questions, a great joy invades their soul because they have had the experience of their life.
For others, a mixed feeling of sadness and doubt if really they will ever achieve this great blessing is controlling them right now.
So let me assure you, based on the Word of God, that He is willing to meet you and to seal you far more than the extent you want it yourself.
God knows this is the guarantee of your salvation, of eternal life with Him and He will not spare any effort to have you saved.
However, God becomes limited by our faith or lack of faith, actions and thoughts.
In the book of Nehemiah 1:5 it reads: “I pray, Lord God of heaven, O great and awesome God, You who keep Your covenant and mercy with those who love You[b] and observe Your[c] commandments.
What is the assurance given through this verse?
First, God keeps his covenant and mercy with those who love Him – do you love God? It means this covenant or partnership and His mercy is for you.
And then we have the condition: that you observe His commandments because how can you have partnership with someone who does not agree, think or act like you? So if your mind, thoughts and actions are not in line with God, there is the gap you need to work on for the remaining days of this Fast.
God promised to pour His Spirit upon every creature – He promised to seal you and He will stand to His promise.
Day 12 – There isn’t much you need to do; only follow His commandments and seek Him wholeheartedly. His mercy will befall on you!

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