Monday, October 7, 2013


I heard something recently that struck me deep inside “I love the Lord and what He has done in me and for me, but the best thing is watching what He has done through me.” And these few words are echoing in my mind more like a reminder of how being a real Christian should be like.
Just pay attention to the order: God has done in me and for me and after He is doing through me.
It is a very clear statement that first you need to allow Him to work in you so that you can give of what you have to others.
Surprisingly enough this is not what is happening with many servants today.
There is a great worry about doing things, evangelizing, serving as volunteers, aiming to do the Work of God on the altar but not investing first in preparing the foundation to do it.
You can only give of what you have and if you do not have the Holy Spirit or if your flame is being quenched by the worries of this world, what is the point of dressing up your uniform, fulfilling your duties in your church, being a deacon or a pastor, marrying a pastor if you are not being God’s tools?
Every time we volunteer to do God's work, we need to remind ourselves that we should do it in His way because the work cannot be with the strength of our arms. The Work of God has to be guided by the Spirit of God and only those who are being filled and renewed are able to understand God’s directions for His work.
Day 15 – Allow God to work in you, during the Fast of Daniel, and then to work through you – are you doing the Work of God in His way?

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Angela said...

So true and strong. I cannot give what i do not have. Thank you Mrs Marcia