Sunday, October 6, 2013


One of the challenges that we challenge is to tame our emotions. And if you just examine your life carefully, you may realize that most of the wrong decisions or reactions you had were taken in a spur of moment, not with carefully reasoning.
This spur of the moment is nothing but allowing your emotions to lead your way.
When it comes to the Holy Spirit, while you seek Him without surrendering how you feel, you will not experience His greatness.
The Holy Spirit wants to be the center of your mind and your reasoning and it is a direct battle against your heart, the center of your emotions.
You have been seeking the new birth, or the Baptism with the Holy Spirit, or even to be revived with the Spirit of God but when it comes to your feelings, you are choosing to allow them to take the way.
Someone said something about you or for you years ago, and that is still very loud in your ears and your heart is grieved since then.
Someone looked down on you or criticized you and until today you see yourself as inappropriate.
Someone disappointed you and until today you are very reserved and cannot have friends.
You do not hold grudges but you cannot deny that resentment is there.
So which room is left for the Holy Spirit to come if people’s words or actions are stronger than all the promises of God left for you?
You have been seeking with words but one thing is missing: surrender your feelings!
What is restricting you of having the mind of Christ in you? The answer is right in the Word of God:
You are not restricted by us, but you are restricted in your own affections.” (2 COR 6:12)
Day 14 Despise your feelings – forget about the way or what was said and embrace what God has left in His word for you. This last week of the Fast of Daniel will change the course of your life if you are no longer restricted in your affections.

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patience tolom said...

Thank you Mrs Marcia strong massage indeed, when we allows The Holy Spirit to be in the center of our mind we become free from the past He gives us the strength to look forward and be consent by the future. We receive peace and joy in our hearts.