Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wish list

Dear friends, 

This year is coming to an end and in few hours - actually New Zealand and Australia - are already jumping into 2014. When we look back, we see how many experiences we had and opportunities to confront our fears, grow and mature into women of virtue.
 I want to thank you all for being friends and working together as a family for the same purpose. 
I was thinking about wishing you all a blessed 2014 but wishes don't help much, do they? So, what I want to do and invite you to do the same is a prayer for all those you know- prayer do wonders!!!! 
Instead of wishing you a brilliant 2014, I will pray for each one of you and my friends here back home that we be powerful tools in God's hands and we grow to fulfil God's commission for each one of us Let us all be praying together for the same purpose, shall we? 
Kisses, hugs, beijinhos to all!
Marcia Pires

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