Thursday, April 10, 2014

Universal Woman's Day @ UCKG

What a great blessing it will be to join this event on behalf of women, not only in South Africa, but throughout the world.
We call the Saturday, after Good Friday, "Holy Saturday" but for the majority it has no holiness or joy in life, not in this Saturday or in any other day of the year. If we are going to discuss the reasons for that, my friend, they are many so we need rather to focus on the solution.
Our technique or behaviour is to  try to change what goes on around us without changing what is going on inside of us.
Some women move places, change carriers, relationships, friendships, go through a make over and for a while it seems to help but only for a while. You have been looking for validation in many areas but the solution is in you.
The only way to really benefit from circunstancial changes is if you change inside - how you see yourself, how you value your contribution to your family, society, friends, how you make the ghosts of past wrong choices go away and you use of your experiences to shape your present and build your future.
On the 19 April 2014, throughout the world, we will celebrate the "Universal Woman's Day" not adding an eloquent speech on the achievements of women in society but teaching you how to overcome whatever is hindering you from a great life - join us!
In South Africa, we will be in Khayelitsha from 11am - 54 Ntsikizi Street, Liotha Park.
I would like to invite you to visit the following links and see how much more you can achieve if you change from the inside out: - the event in RSA - message from BM -  meet Marcia Pires - meet Amanda Valle - meet  Precious Chavane - meet Boitumelo Mosethle - meet Kelebogile Mogopodi

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