Monday, July 7, 2014

It was in a "Save a Tamar" meeting

Before I came to the church I was a drunkard. My life was a mess. I used to drink every weekend and even on weekdays. I lived a careless life to the point that I even dropped out of University and lost my job at the same time.

During the June holidays I went home to East-London and carried on as if life was the same pretending to be studying and working.

When the holidays were over I did not have money to go back to Cape Town and had to ask a boyfriend to send me money. When I came back I stayed in the residence at the university, even though I was no longer studying. In December my family found out that I’d dropped out of school as my results were sent home and I’d failed all my subjects.

The worst moment of my life was last year March when I woke up in a dirty shack and I had flash backs and remembered that I had been gang raped by 3 guys or more; I couldn’t remember clearly what happened or how I’d even got to the shack. At this point I realized what a mess my life was, last year in September I took the decision to commit myself to changing my life. In October I got baptize in water and began attending the Save a Tamar meetings for healing and forgiveness.

Today, my life has changed, I’ve resumed my studies in Business Management and my relationship with my family is back on track but the most important of all, is that I have a relationship with God all because someone in the YPG believed in me and invited me.

Babalwa Mdlangaza
YPG Cape Town


elisa said...

Wow Babalwa what a transformation , it is true when we give our lives to Jesus and commit ourselves to hin , He changes our lives and He give us a second chance of Life.
Thank you for sharing your testimony.

cphosethu said...

Thank you for sharing your testimony Babalwa

Life really begins when we decide to flee from what is wrong and we move closer to God. "Save-a-Tamar really helped me too".

hleziwe ndaule said...

Only when one surrenders all to Jesus receive peace and unexplainable joy. Thanks Babalwa and "Save-a-Tamar" for sharing the testimony

Tebogo Senne said...

Wooooow all thanks to save a tamar and ypg

Tebogo Senne said...

The only thing a lady can do for her self is finding God in ur youth ages then you will be very decisive on what you want