Monday, October 13, 2014

For women..... Two fabulous week ahead

Have you realised that we are coming to the middle of October? I was just overwhelmed when I realised that and thought about the two weeks that we have ahead of us.
These two weeks will be fabulous special for women at the UCKG but it can reach so many other women if you join hands with us.
On the 18th,  Mothers' in Prayer - a group of mothers who come together to figure out how better than
can deal with issues surrounding their children from the point of view of a woman of God but not forgetting their role and importance. This group meets once a month and testimonies are heard on how many mothers have learnt to keep balance and calm during a storm. Believe me, that quietness of spirit has brought solution to the situation. Are you a mother? So why not investing in yourself to be strong to help your children to sort out their problems?

On the 19th, we meet again for our monthly meeting of SAVE A TAMAR,  and this time we will learn to appreciate - oh, we had more testimonies about our last meeting that we will be willing to share with you if you come. We aim to help you to overcome your past, traumatic experiences, low self esteem, complexes - all issues that are so relevant to women but few men can understand.

Finally, the cherry on top of the cake THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES in Soweto on the 26th. We are already exchanging your donation for the ticket to attend to the meeting but we need to tell you that this ticket is just a receipt so to say for you to receive your necklace symbolising one of the tribes of Israel that you can attend to the Feast wearing a very epic piece. It will be so great that you should not come along. Buy your ticket and a few more to invite friends.

I am so excited to be part of it but moreover that you be our guest and receive a special blessing in each of these meetings.
Looking forward to see you!
Marcia Pires


ntombintlabathi said...

Am so happy me too Mrs Marcia to be the part. l really cant wait,and l know l am blessed

Hildah Sekobelo said...
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Hildah Sekobelo said...

I am so excited to be among the woman of UCKG beacuse I already see the power of God in my life throught woman meeting, I am blessed i will invite my friends for feast of terbanacle. Thank you Mrs Marcia

Lilian Ndlovu said...

I will attend the Feast of Tabernacles is always a blessing event, I have already invited a friend to come with.


Bathabile Dlamini said...

wow i can surely say the month of October is a month of blessing for the women in the UCKG and others that are been invited to the special meetings thank you Mrs Marcia