Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Reality Check

I would like to highlight something very typical in the nature of women.  We want to embrace the world with our tiny arms and when we don’t manage to do it, we become frustrated.
I do hope you have made your list, otherwise you will not be able to identify the points you need to change.  I am afraid, however, that you have not been realistic about some of those points.
Once we start our journey towards making changes, we want them to happen all at once and quickly ...  very quickly.  In the real world, things do not happen that way.
So, your first change is this.  Do not fear to be realistic and embrace one change at a time. Learn to celebrate small achievements rather than feel frustrated by all that you haven’t accomplished.
When planning something, go to the mirror and see yourself as a human being, with superwoman nowhere nearby to help you to do 20 things at the same time.
Figuring out who you are is part of the task of acknowledging that you have limitations.  Despite them, you want to advance. Pretending they do not exist  will not help you to go far.
Learn how to deal with limitations such as procrastination, a busy schedule, children, going through a divorce, health issues, financial strains, among others.  Although these issues tend to hold you up in life, when you plan and consider them carefully, you will find a way to advance, despite such challenges.
The pending topic for this week is – Who you want to be in 2015 (and, may I add) in spite of your limitations?
Get your list and look for the most important change or achievement you have jotted down. Now think carefully what you need to do to achieve that priority:
  • ·      Is it something that depends only on you?
  • ·      Is it something that involves teamwork?
  • ·      Is it something you can afford to or do you need to plan financially for it?
  • ·      Is it something you can accommodate into your routine or do you need to find time to do it?
  • ·      Is it a short-term goal or a long-term goal?
  • ·      What can you do today to advance your goal?

Out of your many goals, select the second and third in order of importance and ask yourself the same questions.  Once you have the answers, you are ready to work on these changes.
A little piece of advice – whatever you highlighted that you can do today towards your goal, don’t leave it for tomorrow. Be proactive and seek ways to anticipate the stages of the process.  You will be surprised how much sooner you will get to where you want to be.

In the next blog I will help you to face one of your enemies – anxiety.

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Naledi Muthwa said...

Wow Mrs. Marcia I truly needed this message for me to get my priorities straight and work towards achieving them one by one.