Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Your enemy – anxiety

 When we are listing our goals for the New Year or embracing a new season in our life, it seems that we forget our human limitations and everything we haven’t done in years past now become our priorities.
We list many goals and long term ones are classified as immediate.
Of course, by the end of a time period, we realise we haven’t achieved much. We planned on 20 and have only accomplished two. Anxiety sinks in, followed by frustration.
Instead of honestly considering the much we planned for, we look down on ourselves as if we are the barriers to those achievements.
We push harder then and we are anxious about any outcome, even if it’s not within the standards required – so that we will have some small reason to feel better.
Anxiety is your and my biggest enemy.
We should toss it aside when planning!  You will not be able to accomplish 20 tasks in one year, especially if they have been pending for a long time.
If you have just made advances towards a goal, be it a personal change or a career achievement, don’t allow anxiety to lead you to precipitous or bad decisions.  It does not matter how long your journey takes, what matters is that you will get to the point you need to.  Persevere and be consistent.  Prioritise quality.
Confront reality with dignity.  You have not achieved what you planned, but  there is no reason to be anxious to set another goal. Give yourself time to work on what you have listed as priorities.  Do not disregard your needs and intentions,  work on this goal that has not been achieved so far.
The most important lesson I have learnt is:  learn to celebrate the little you have accomplished and do not allow the much that is missing to put you down.
Live every day with intensity, not because you want to reach tomorrow, but mostly because you are making the most of every minute of this day.

Who knows if your greatest priority isn’t to learn to deal with anxiety?

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karla kris cunha said...

The Anxiety certainly affects our spiritual life and physical; also it is characterized by apprehension, distress and insecurity.
We need to have goals for our lives, and every conquest gained we celebrate because it is a victory.
We must learn always look ahead.
If it didn’t work today, then tomorrow is going to be all right. We cannot leave the anxiety in stopping in the middle of the path.
Kisses Dear Mrs. Marcia.
Carla Cristina