Monday, February 16, 2015

Inner Healing - we all need that!

And you are invited to learn more about it and draw your own conclusions.
Date: 22nd February 2015
Time: 2:30pm
Venue: 25 Plein Street - JHB - Main Hall
Entrance Fee


ntombintlabathi said...

So sad that l did'nt make it in that meeting of the inner healing,but l thanks God for giving Eastern Cape an opportunity to host meeting like these. It is really a blessing.


Nombasa Kutase said...

I was attend the service of the inner healing, it helps me a lot because I learnt how to deal with my past without affecting other people around me, and not to jugde other woman for what they are wearing.It was a blessing to me.

from Nombasa Kutase

ms guni,england said...

We should take advantage of these shows rather than the TV shows we have that are polluting the mind I have completely given up on those. God bless the bishops, pastors, wives , assistants and the members