Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Consistency – the next step

Today I want to write about something that is very important, but has been a stumbling block for me over the past few months – consistency!
When we plan and start working towards achieving some goals, in addition to  prioritising, we need to learn to be consistent.
We will never find all doors open to us or things coming our way easily.  We need to work on them and learn to persist, even when we do not obtain the results we expect.
I know we sometimes get discouraged or so busily caught up in our routine that  we tend to put aside what we were once so eager to achieve.
I am going to give you an example of my own.  I set the goal of writing one blog post a week which means at least four new messages every month.
It seemed so reasonable and, to a certain extent,  a very achievable target.  I thought so too, but in practice it hasn’t worked out as I planned.
I knew I would have a series of trips, meetings, events and other responsibilities that would not make it easy to reach my goal, but what I could not foresee was  that they would affect my consistency.
You may have noticed that I only managed to write two articles a month!
Honestly,  I feel like giving up the idea, but I know that if I do not train myself to insist on the right course of action, I will not reach my goal.
So, the word of the moment for you and me is consistency.  Train yourself to do what is necessary in order to achieve your goal. Do it repeatedly until it becomes second nature.
Even if I fail again in posting one article a week, although I will strive not to, I will be consistent in doing what I have planned.

Share with me in which areas you too lack consistency!


elisa said...

Good morning Mrs Marcia
I woke up on this message and this correspond exactly to what I intended that I will do and sometimes I see myself taking what is a priority for me and not putting it into practice, I intended to exercise at least 3 times a week as I know the importance of it for me, but sometimes I will take it so easy and priorities something else, waking up this morning upon this message really encourage me to go ahead and know what is it that I need to prioritise and keep a consistency on it.
Thank you.
A big hug

cphosethu said...

Good day Mrs Marcia

Thank you for writing about this important factor. This has happened many times with me. I draft the plan and how I will follow up on it but when having to put into practise all those plans, it seems unbearable. I will start practising consistency from now on.


Amokelani Khoza said...

Thank you very much Mrs
I've been lacking consistency in applying for my studies in order to advance my career and to apply for a new job. As a result, I find myself trapped with uncontrollable children who are not performing academically and I'm not studying for a course that will advance my career as I had planned for this year, but I have hope that in the coming week I'll do my level best to make research about my desired profession and apply for new job.
Thank you once again Mrs Marcia for bringing awareness of this issue& it's serious ness to me

Ellah said...

I am seriously lacking consistency especially when it comes to me forgetting about the father of my child, it has been five years now since but still I can't seem to forget what happened to me. What I need its not for him to come back but for me to accept what I did to myself and be able to live with it. I really need to start living the live that God had planned for me and I am sure that this is not the live God planned for me especially for me to keep on thinking about someone who doesn't care about his child. How do I keep consistency in all of this? This guy has kept my life on hold for a very long time, I was so focused before. If a said I was going to do something I did it without hesitation but lately I just kick myself down and say negative things to myself.

Sarah Obakeng said...

I thank God for coming to this blog today, this is what I wanted to hear. I am planning to register my masters next year in a new field of study I already spoke to the people in charge and they told me that the route that I want to take is possible. but Satan kept on discouraging me that I cannot do it. but after hearing this message I believe that if I can be consistent in my studies I will make it. thanks very much.

Mbhele Bridget said...

Thank you Mrs Marcia , this is happening to me all the time , especially in the begining of this year , I planned that I want to stay healthy , drink water and push more to achieve my dreams but when it gets difficult , I prospone for next time and next time , never comes . I think I need to train my self. Thank you Mrs Marcia


Good evening Mrs Marcia, is true what you are saying it always happend to me but i always come up with excuses is good to know i am not alone who is straggling to put things in practise and to be more consistent........thank you so much for this blog and i hope more woman will read this blog.May the good LORD bless you.

Poseletso Masokanye