Sunday, May 31, 2015

The word

Lately I have been thinking about the exact word that brought me back to Jesus.
I had left the church I had attended since childhood, and for a few years my life was in upheaval.  Then I was invited to the UCKG.
Within the first few weeks, I received the word that enticed me so much – Return to Me,” says the Lord of hosts, “and I will return to you,” says the Lord of hosts (Zac 1:3)
God was telling me to return to Him, but I was already back in the church.  So what else was missing? In my mind I had returned after a long period of being absent, having strayed from His ways and being lost within myself.
It took me a few months to understand what God was really telling me.  I had returned physically – attending the chain of prayers, being a tither, participating in Sunday morning services, giving my offerings when I had them, etc – but I had not really returned yet in my heart and mind.
I was struggling with doubts and fears, trusting and not trusting in God entirely, consumed by the past and afraid of the future, praying that God would guide me, but still following my own way.
Despite seeing some results in all my efforts and chain of prayers, I was still empty inside and feeling unfulfilled, because  I was withholding the most important offering I had to give -– my heart and my mind.
I had decided to be a Christian in my behaviour, but not yet in my mind.  I was acting as one, but not thinking as a child of God.
Hence, God is perfect and patient. That word remained stuck in my mind and week after week I would search for its real meaning.  Then I got my answer – when I committed my feelings and fears to God, I heard His direction.
If you find yourself right now in this situation, you are back with Jesus but feel awkward as if something is still missing, just keep on searching. God will not leave you unanswered. He brought you to His house because He wants to bless you in a way that you will feel complete and blissful.

Only one thing is needed – make yourself available to hear His words.  What is the word that has been pressing on your mind lately?
Marcia Pires

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Rebane Selolwane said...

Trust, I have been in church for a year now and I am faithful in my tithe and offering but did not fully entrust good with my life. I realized some of the decisions I take without consulting God. I do not think they need His input and this clearly shows that i have not put trust wholly in God. I always wounder why things do not always go according to what I planned or wished only to realized that my trust is not wholly in God but in is in my abilities. Reading this post made me think of this word trust because I have not be trusting in my God yet I know him. Then I read psalms 9:10 Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you. My God never failed me and I still do not trust him and I know his name, so I will work on meditate on this verse and work on my self for me to leave a selfless life, life that i entrusted inn God's hands