Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And the work goes on

Empowerment is something extremely important in our society where so many needs arise from all directions and there is not enough financial and human resources to provide for all.

So we, as ordinary citizens, must prompt ourselves to do what is in our reach to better people’s life. This is our proposal – to empower women so that they can fend for t

hemselves and for their household, with dignity.

When our pastors’ wives volunteer to minister several courses, they are giving of their time and care with the vision of a brighter future for a few, at the moment.

We are pleased to inform you that we have graduated two more classes on the Bead and Jewellery Design.

In all, 21 women have joined the program for the past weeks, in Jeppestown community, and are now able to start their own business or apply their skills in a part time job.

Successful stories will surely come out of it and what we will take in our heart is that our Women in Action Project is making a difference in people’s life.

Watch this space for the next courses:

October – Orange Farm and Nellspruit

November – Pretoria area

The photos are showing you how talented and skilled these 21 women have become along of this course.

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