Thursday, January 7, 2010

Isn't the offer good enough?

When we first came to Jesus, we did so seeking for a solution to a series of problems and frustrations that we were living with, but gradually we understood the great need of considering where we want to spend eternity and salvation then should have been our priority seeking purpose.

However, many so dwell in the solution to their problems that they despise totally what is the essence of a Christian Life: eternity with Jesus! It goes beyond of words but it is said on an affirmative action, more like a spiritual strike or bargain: as I do not get what I want, I leave the church.

They end up deceiving themselves by believing they are just simply leaving the church and they will continue to belong to the Body of Christ.

Have you ever seen a leg or a hand loose somewhere and still bearing life?

I do not believe so because as parts of our physical body they need to be linked through muscles, veins, blood streams to be alive; we can only live if linked to the Body, in communion with fellow members.

When you think about your problems and challenges, you surely want solution, response to your prayers and you will receive it but when you meditate about eternal life and you have the assurance of salvation inside of you, then you understand that all that goes around you is momentarily and it will vanish.

Jesus has given us salvation, has given us the right to seat with Him in heavens for eternity. Isn’t the offer good enough?

Hence Jesus made this promise and He will fulfil it in every ones’ life:


“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need”


I can guarantee to you that you will find solution to your problems. It has happened with me and with so many others.

Only one thing is needed: seek the Kingdom first, do not go back to your old ways because you have not received the answer of one prayer as yet – remember, you have a great treasure that is salvation while you remain in the Body of Christ!

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