Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mission Accomplished in Western Province

On the 26th November, 2011, WiA has travelled all the way to Cape Town to host our Human Trafficking Awareness Event as part of the 16 Days of Activism Agaisnt Abuse to Women and Children.
We have invited for the occasion the group The Justice Acts, one of the organisations in South Africa that most work on awareness against Human Trafficking.
And again, we have spread the Fragrance of Freedom by counting on the support of our WP members who attended to the event and who have contributed by exchange their donation by one of the bracelets hand made by our pastors’ wives.
We have proudly handed in our donation to the team of The Justice Acts  last 15th December and we were honored to know that the funds raised will be reverted to the House of Safe they hold in Cape Town where they offer dwelling, protection and rehabilitation to victims from Human Trafficking.
Our gratitude to our supporters from the Western Province – as a result of your donation we were able to benefit one more organisation
Endorsement to our meeting in Cape Town
What I walked away with from the meeting on the 26th is that I need to be more vigilant as not everything is what it seems. Also I learnt about the different forms of human trafficking which I had not been aware of.

Ever since we have been having talks on human trafficking I met a girl in the church who is from Lesotho, I met her through my younger sister and she told her that she had been taken from Lesotho by a man who claimed that she was going to give her employment and when they arrived here in Cape Town he changed his mind and decided that he wanted to marry her. Luckily there were members of the church who lived near by and took her in and also we have been talking to her in the church but now through the members in the church she was able to go back home as she went back to Lesotho 3 weeks back. I had known about her for a while but it never clicked in my mind that this was a case of human trafficking until we started talking about in the meetings.
(Member from Cape Town)

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