Sunday, July 22, 2012


In our recent visit to the Childhood Cancer Foundation Haematology Clinic at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, we witnessed the love and commitment of all staff to saving the lives of the children there. We also saw and understood the frustration of the doctors when treating children who don’t recover because they were diagnosed too late.
Many of the symptoms found in children can be easily misdiagnosed for everyday ailments such as flu or seen as side effects of teething.  When the symptoms do not subside or lumps develop, that is when children are taken for medical attention but, in many cases, it is too late.
Our motto at WiA is “knowledge is power” and we know it is important to spread knowledge about cancer.  We have decided to embrace the challenge to increase awareness of childhood cancer.
We have the information, we have the means but we lack the channels to reach so many mothers in communities all over South Africa.  This is where you can play a very important role and partner with us in this challenge.
We are risking the future of our country if we keep losing the battle against childhood cancer.
We are inviting all those who work with children as caregivers in day care centres or in primary health clinics, nurses in children’s wards or hospitals, primary education teachers and our BSC volunteers to become the channels we need so badly.
If you want to be part of this Awareness Campaign, there are two ways to volunteer:
 - send an email to giving us your name, contact number and details of where you work; or
- talk to your pastor, in any UCKG church, and give him your details to send to us.
The BSC teachers will soon participate in an awareness workshop and they will be distributing flyers to any interested parents and volunteers who wish to spread the word and give out basic information on childhood cancer.
Knowledge is power but this knowledge can only be effective if we find ways to share it with those who have very few opportunities to find out what they need to know.
Marcia Pires
Founder of WiA

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mpho said...

Thank You Mrs Marcia, what a great work Woman in Action are doing.